LeaderBoard after 2nd Round

Hello Gamerz !!

Here is the LeaderBoard After Second Round and as we have introduced the Captain Bonus, Many of you have selected Sanga as a Captain but unfortunately Dilshan and Tharanga hits a ton there is no chance for Sanga in this round.

Gamerz who had selected Dilshan as a Captain Scores the highest Points in this game followed by Yuvraj captain and Afridi Captain.



Image and video hosting by TinyPicNote:- Now you can replace your any 5 Player with the new Players from the team which is now in Semi they are INDIA,PAKISTAN,NEWZILAND and SRILANKA. You can change your captain too. Remember you have to  Send the Player list before first Semi. Now there is no limitation for maximum players from one team Enjoy !!

Please Follow This Format:-

Amla–> Replaced by –> Taylor

Steyn—> Replaced by –> Ashwin

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2 Responses to LeaderBoard after 2nd Round

  1. CrazyBoy says:

    Just a doubt…

    Is this list showing points scored in 2nd round only..? what about points difference of 1st round.


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