The Replacement Rule

Hi Guys,

Some of the gamers have requested for replacements in their squad due injuries to the players. Some of these players have been sent back home. To make sure all teams have eligible players competing in BCCI, following are the rules set for replacement of aninjured player.

  1. You can request for replacement if one or more members of your team were sent back home due to injury. However you can not request replacement for players who are still in the world cup squad but not playing.
  2. To ensure that the balance of the team is maintained, you may only replace a batsman with another batsman, bowler with bowler, all rounder with all rounder and keeper with keeper. (You can replace a spinner with a fast bowler and vice versa).
  3. While implementing the above rule, you must not forget that at any point of time you can select maximum 3 players from one country.
  4. For requesting a replacement, you may post a comment here or alternatively send an email.
  5. Points scored by the replacement will be applicable from March 5 onwards. For ex. if one wants to replace Doug Bollinger with Mitchell Johnson, the points scored by Johnson till today will not be accounted. At the same time, the points scored by Bollinger (if any) will be retained as it is with the team.

Please leave a comment if you have any doubts.


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2 Responses to The Replacement Rule

  1. Saeed says:

    Match between Pakistan and Canada was most sensational match of cricket history. What a wonderful match.

  2. gauravitchap says:

    Hi Can someone please replace my players as both of them are now out.
    SCJ Broad (ENG) –> TG Southee (NZ)
    KP Pietersen (ENG) –> AJ Strauss (ENG)

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